#3 Quick Project

By this time had a good command over Tkinter library. I was famous in my class for my skills. Well, it was the time around final project submission and people were consulting me for their project. Now, I was discussing idea of a simple word game with a friend. Well, she didn’t have much time before submission and I was also short on time. I took this opportunity to help a friend and polish my skills because I had nearly 30 mins for creating the whole project. Can I do it????

Was it simple?

Our earlier talks proved to be futile for the fact there weren’t much clarity on what this word game encompassed. She wanted to make the game simple and easy to understand and explain so I conceptualized to be a simple game that would load words and their associated hints from a dat file and remove randomly remove letters from the word. I created an adaptive boxes which will adjust on the basis of letters. I added a next button to load other word and a check and show button. Well, the concept was pretty elementary so the major time was spent on building the dat file and in calibrating the adaptive view. Within 30 mins I did create it with required amount of comments.

Was it what I wanted??

As a simple program which i created within 30 mins, I was pretty satisfied. However, I wasn’t impressed by the way letters removed. It wasn’t too good to give game a much more refined experience. I did learn you can make a project in 30 mins but not the experience. Refining and calibrating is the actual task which requires a lot of work on developers side. Those of you who would like to take a look at it can see it here as a github repository. You can freely exploit the comment section to discuss your own project ideas or comment on my projects. If you wanna take a look at it you can visit my github page over here.


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