WWDC2017 : Apple on steroids!

This is the time of the year with the latest apple announcements. WWDC2017 is here. The annual developers conference hosted by apple is surely an event to look forward to. Like always the event was surely spectacular to look forward. Despite many design leaks, there wasn’t any sign of iphone making debut for the developers.

Apple is saving their knight-in-shining-armor for the last moment(sighs deeply).

This years conference brought major overhaul to both software and hardware lineup of apple arsenal. Without any further delay lets go briefly over these.


1.Watch OS

The new watch OS 4 is available to developers to splurge on. The new updates focus on making the watch more visually stunning and organized with a slurry of personalization options.

macos-high-sierra.jpg2.Mac OS – High Sierra

Well, whats better than Sierra being replaced by High Sierra. Apart from the whole OS moving to new file system(Apple File System) and HVEC protocols to maintain high quality at reduced size, Safari and metal also got  upgrades. The new photos app uses machine learning to recognize faces better.

new_2017_imac_screen-9-720x405-c3.All  new iMAC Pro

Apart from the lineup of imacs and macbooks getting kabylake processors and solid state drives (sorry macbook air) we were introduced to the new imac pro. A processing beast with intel xeon(10/18 cores) with 3GB/s SSD and amd Vega with 11 teraflops of performance. You surely can go nuts over your AI dream or better put up those VR glasses of yours and create a whole new VR simulation scene while living it.


The all new ios 11 control center

4.ios 11

Siri just got all better in understanding context than words and can very much translate sentences in her much more natural voice (also got a new male voice). The control center is revamped to make use of 3d touch with all possible options. Lock screen and notifications are unified . Plethora of editing options are made available for live photos along with completely revamped app store with much better visuals and personalized game and apps sections.

ipad-pro-2017-press-images-01-470x310@2x5.New ipad (10.5inch)

The all new size focuses on increased portability and ideal size comparison. With 120 Hz refresh rate, 600 nit brightness along with increased pencil precision and full keyboard support with multitasking dash makes ipad your desktop replacement in the future. Ipad mini’s future still seems a bit dark though.

homepod_display_full.jpg.og6.Home Pod

The apple’s rumored competitor to amazon echo and google home is finally real. The new home pod series aim to rock your hom.e with seven individual beams and mics to understand your surroundings and use them for their advantage. Its majorly premium sound solution with apple music. It still has siri for all your needs.

PS: They put the iphone processor (apple A8) in Home pod.

My Thoughts

This year apple’s unveiling focused on using machine learning and deep learning algorithms to personalize the user experience and make the device smart in true essence. Even focus on AR and VR platforms along with required hardware bumps show how the entertainment is going to be revolutionized by the end of the next decade. As apple moves forward in this direction, others are destined to follow.I would give this WWDC a PASS for changing from paradigm focus on hardware and IT (reached their saturation in terms of innovation) to smarter and efficient user friendly tech. With more focus on higher and intelligent api’s , there is a need for programmers to bump up their skill set to survive in the job market under this competition of smarter devices.


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